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Having a great brand and range of products and services is hard to achieve. But once you’re there, how can you make sure that your target audience notice you? How can you make sure that they remember you?

That’s where a well designed brochure can help. Whether it’s for corporate events, exhibitions or sales meetings. Our team can design & print the perfect brochure that ticks all the right boxes.


Whatever your business needs, you’ll get it at Smart Inc. Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote on 01992 410960 or info@smart-inc.co.uk.


Printed brochures or digital brochures? Don’t worry, we do it all

Whether you need a tangible brochure or it’s digital brother, you’re in the right place. We have over 10 years experience working with businesses all over the UK, designing and printing brochures that perfectly showcase the power of their brand and playing a key role in driving brand recognition and sales.


Our brochure design process

A discovery call with our project manager

Understanding your vision is central to our process. You’ll have a dedicated project manager that will work with you throughout the entire project. First, you’ll have a discovery call in which your project manager will understand your brief, your vision, your criteria and the purpose of your brochure.

We’ll be able to recommend design, materials and printing options to ensure we meet your needs, whether it’s creating a sustainable brochure or keeping to a fixed budget.

Our research & planning

Once our team understands what you need, we get to work. Your brochure has an objective – whether it’s promoting your products, reaching a new market or driving direct sales. We work to understand what options available to you will best hit your goal. We pride ourselves on our marketing-led approach to make sure that brochure successfully engages your customers and differentiates you from the competition.

Brainstorming & creating design concepts

Then, we move on to the early design stage. We’ll brainstorm and create design concepts to show you the options available to you. We’ll take your feedback and make amends until you’re in love with the design (this shouldn’t take long!). 

Brochure design & approval

Once you’ve chosen your design concept we will get to work with creating the complete brochure design. Our design process involves feedback from you at every stage, meaning that we keep you as involves as you want to be to make sure that your finished brochure is exactly how you envisioned it to be.

Brochure printing & production

Our services don’t just end with design. We also offer brochure printing out of our Hertfordshire location. Having our own local print production means that we can offer you cost-effective brochure printing so that once you’ve signed-off on your design we can bring your brochures to life.


Why work with Smart Inc for your next project?

In short, because we know how to show everything that’s great about your brand in a brochure.

Whether it’s a fantastic product range, expertly delivered services or an industry leading solution – if it’s worth shouting about then we’ll make sure your market see it loud and clear.

Our team of experienced project managers & designers are on-hand throughout your project to make sure that the final product, your brochure, perfectly fits your vision. 

We’ve become a premier provider of brochure design services through years of refining our art. Our ethos lies in you, the customer. Understanding your brand, your identity, your products and services and what makes you head and shoulders above the competition is integral to our design process.

So, for your next brochure don’t hesitate…think Smart Inc.


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