Don’t call it a comeback!

Don’t call it a comeback!
(It never really went away)


Is print dead?
Although at Smart Inc. we have moved with the times and are now masters of the digital age too, we are proud to report that;
Yes, Print is making a comeback!
Seen as a vital way of reaching customers and prospects alike, we are once again seeing more and more clients coming back to catalogues as a selling tool.

If you are fighting for milliseconds of someone’s time on a mobile phone or tablet, along with all your competitors….your campaign is soon so far down the list it’s invisible. It may as well have not reached their inbox at all.

Print is still a great way to touch your clients.

It cuts through the electronic jumble and remains visible to many – not just the email recipient, sitting comfortably in plain view of people passing by.

Print is always switched on, a pleasure to browse and even has a certain smell and texture, even before you reach the inspiring content inside.

As Smart Inc. have grown, we have offered more and more full channel solutions to our clients – many of them embracing web development, HTML (e shot) marketing campaigns and the like.

We have many success stories!

Being a fully integrated Design, Print and Web Agency we keep a close eye on the channels utilized by each client (often multi-channel)

Interestingly, over the last couple of years many of our clients that had reduced the circulation of their catalogues or cut them out completely have now returned to this channel as a trusted way to reinforce their brand in their marketplace.

Indeed, since January this year we have seen for ourselves that far from reducing activity over the past year or so, our clients have been increasing offline activity in terms of frequency and pagination.


Lifespan on the desk or in the bookshelf is still a key element in remaining at the forefront of your customers mind.


Print – the future?
The next few years will see great change, but there is no doubt that for retailers and brands alike, print, the catalogue, the app, the store and the website will all work closer together.

Each channel is as important to the customer’s journey as the next.

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